Edward Withrow is an entrepreneur and financial professional who is directly involved in leading global environmental efforts. The former Chairman of PearTrack Security Systems, Inc. and its largest shareholder to this day, Edward works on major presentations in homeland defense, particularly through efficient container monitoring and security solutions.Edward Withrow Headshot

As the largest shareholder of PearTrack, Edward Withrow can directly support solutions which protect the integrity and efficiency of cargo containers; this integrity can be the final factor in preventing major spills, disasters, or the environmentally harmful practice of idling.

Additionally, by playing a part in the improved efficiency of global supply chains, Edward Withrow is able to reduce the use of time, mileage, and human capital without wasting precious resources or sacrificing quality.

PearTrack Security Systems, Inc. started out as Ecologic Transportation, Inc., a holding company with integrated subsidiaries which tackled the pressing issue of environmentally friendly transportation options. Edward Withrow was the Chairman of Ecologic Transportation, Inc., overseeing the company’s modern business platform for emerging environmental transportation technologies. Now PearTrack primarily focuses on security and logistics while its wholly owned subsidiaries, Ecologic Products, Inc., and Ecologic Car Rentals, Inc., make innovative strides such as environmentally friendly car rentals and waterless car wash processes.