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Edward Withrow: Mega-Ships

The Downside of Mega-Ships

As a result of the 2008 economic crisis, the demand for cargo ships has dropped dramatically. Before the crisis shipping companies focused on building mega-ships to transport containers. However, the recession has made operating these mega-ships extremely expensive. In spite of the expenses associated with mega-ships, shipping companies continue to build them under the assumption […]

Automated Shipping Terminals and Safety

Cargo shipping container terminals are very common across the world, packed to capacity with sizeable containers filled with different products and supplies. It is difficult, almost impossible, to regulate all of the containers and their content. It is becoming an even larger task, as cargo shipping is projected to grow a sizeable amount in the […]

Container Shipping and the Environment

Container Shipping and the Environment

Container shipping without a way to make sure all countries are following proper shipping regulations is dangerous. Without scanning the containers before they leave port, there is no way to know what rests inside. Therefore, criminals can get away with all types of illegal, and even dangerous, shipping activity. However, that is not the only […]

Cargo Shipping Container Scrutiny

The secure movement of a large portion of goods from one country to another is a task that can only be completed with cargo shipping containers. Every year, millions of such shipping containers are loaded onto boats that then make their way into the United States. These containers were only recognized as a potential threat […]


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